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The first ever documentary short exploring the interconnectedness of fashion and interior design. Now available to stream worldwide on FILM SHORTAGE.

A debut documentary film by Natalie Shirinian, Interior Motives delves into the exclusive industries and prominent minds of today’s most influential figures in fashion and design. Interior Motives aims to tap the pulse of today's fashion and design headlines to bring an insider look at these highly exclusive industries. Featuring international industry leaders including: Tommy Hilfiger, Rick Owens, Michele Lamy, Maria Cornejo, Miles Redd, Mary McDonald, and more.


Best Short Documentary, Berlin Short Film Festival, 2019
Best Short Documentary, IFS Film Festival, 2019


A first generation, Armenian American, queer, 30 year old woman living in LA faces the repercussions of coming out to her Armenian mother after a night with her girlfriend. Based on true events, written and directed by Natalie Shirinian.


Audience Award, Hollyshorts, 2022
Best Short Film, Big Apple Film Festival, 2021
Audience Award, Honolulu Film Festival, 2021
Best Short Film, Los Angeles Film Festival, 2021
Best Actress, Los Angeles Film Festival, 2021
*Participant in the prestigious virtual edition of (NFMLA) in conjunction with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


A poetic short narrative film that is the director’s personal response and tribute to the April 24,1915 Armenian Genocide made for
CANAL 180.  This film is a reflective expression for what it feels like (for me) to be Armenian, and connected to my ancestors - some of who tragically perished in the genocide. While most people exist, we Armenians exist with the burden of an un-recognized genocide, and the cultural trauma that lingers within.


When the world had to stop, like all performers, Cristina's physical creative outlet was abruptly stripped. Where she resides in Seville Spain, she took a year assessing the unforeseen boundaries that were put upon her, unable to perform in public. During her time in isolation, Cristina navigated her feelings and fluctuation between languish and trying to revive the feeling of her soul flourishing. Now a year and a half later, Cristina travels to her hometown in San Francisco to reunite with a part of herself. In Boundaries, award winning director Natalie Shirinian captures a modern abstract flamenco performance that encompasses Cristina’s emotional journey of languish, release, and liberation amongst a new exhibition of art and iconic architecture at the historic Saint Joseph’s Art Society. Film of the Day feature for SHORTED.


An exclusie premiere for Blackbook Magazine
Perfectly capturing the post-quarantine psychological/emotional zeitgeist, her new collab with fashion designer Louiza Babouryan titled Fantasy Skate (which BlackBook enthusiastically premieres) uses the theme of skating to perfectly explicate the sense of regained freedom, after so many months of such severe restrictions. And the film employs graceful but spirited movement – all soundtracked by Sub Pop artist Still Corners’ ‘Into The Trees’ – to express something essential about the clothes themselves.

iO //

An intimate meditation on American author, photographer, podcast host, and activist iO Tillett Wright as he wanders the Joshua Tree desert landscape contemplating his complicated relationship with self love as a Trans man. iO Tillett Wright, a polymath native New Yorker, who now calls Joshua Tree home, is the author of Darling Days: A Memoir (Ecco, 2016), host and producer of The Ballad of Billy Balls, cohost of MTV’s Catfish, creator of the hit TED talk “50 Shades of Gay,” and founder and photographer behind the Self Evident Truths project.